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YUKI and RYO participated as vocalists in the latest
work by Russian post-metal band REKA.
It's a masterpiece that's over 20 minutes long, with lyrics and vocal melody written.

YUKI also drew the cover art and was in charge of the CD artwork.



CDは日本で販売(自主レーベルのAbyss Gazer Recordsより独占販売)予定です。


Appear live on the radio show (Brazil/Spain)

10/28/2022  pm3:00-(Spain Time)

We’re going to be a guest in a music web radio show tomorrow. It will start at pm 3 on Spanish time. (Japanese time is pm 9). We will be talking about band leader Yuki's musical roots, the band's themes, and their 4th album. (Guitarist Ryo speaks in English)



NEW RELEASE : SPLIT “Immagine Residua “

SPLIT “Immagine Residua “ Release (Tokyo Jupiter Records)


kokeshi + ['selvə] + Presence of Soul - Immagine Residua (CD/DIGITAL)

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we'll be releasing a 3-way split entitled "Immagine Residua" featuring our favorite bands, kokeshi (blackgaze/dark hardcore from Japan), selvə (post-black/screamo from Italy, with guest vocals from Shizune) and Presence of Soul (post-metal/shoegaze from Japan) on CD/DIGITAL on October 21.

美醜入り混じる狂乱のブラックゲイズ/ダーク・ハードコアkokeshi、イタリア激情の雄ShizuneのVoをゲストに迎え激情ハードコアとブラックメタルの境界線を驀進するポストブラック['selvə]、静寂と混沌が織りなす円熟のポストメタル/シューゲイズPresence of Soul。日伊轟音3バンドをフィーチャーしたTokyo Jupiter Recordsの15周年記念SPLIT。10/21/2022 発売。

3way Split CD / Immagine Residua
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